Short, Sweet, to the Point

Everybody's life could use a little more playful joy!
Stacy's Soap Suds, a one woman show, wants to give that to you.

All creations from bar soaps to bath bombs and all in between are made with simple, high-quality ingredients and colorful shapes and designs in hopes to bring a little more delight to your day.

Whether you're just washing your hands or having a full self-care day, the hope is that you will enjoy the products at least half as much as I enjoy making them!

The Longer Story

My husband, Tom, and I have been blessed with five children. 

Our youngest two are 18 year old identical twin boys who are both non-verbal with Down Syndrome and Autism.  Being a parent to children with special needs is both exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time.  

In 2012 I took a soap making class to learn to make soaps as a possible creative outlet that I could do from home while caring for my children.

My first soaps were the usual uncolored lightly scented soap bars that did their job just fine and dandy.  Then one day I decided to add a little color, then a few colors, then a little more brighter colors, then B-A-M lots of fun colors swirled together with cute little tops on each bar of soap.  The result? A soap that instantly made me happy and eager to get another shower!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is your soap safe for sensitive skin?

I actually wanted to keep that in mind as many of my children have sensitive skin!
I do not use any harsh chemicals in my products and a lot of them have sensitive skin friendly scents. 

And I list the ingredients on each product page in the description.

However, if you have further questions, please reach out to me!

Do you offer local pick up?

Absolutely! (And it's FREE).

I have inventory at Hanzely's Garden Center in Dubois, PA. You can drop by during open hours or contact me to set an appointment for pick up.

Do you make soap for men?

Of course!
While, I think men can use any of my soaps, there are a few with more masculine scents. The best seller scent is Aqua di Gio!

Can I get custom products?

Yes! Most commonly I have made wedding favors and baby shower favors, but I am open to other things as well!

Reach out for more information.