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I Love You ASL Duckie Soap - Pink

I Love You ASL Duckie Soap - Pink

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My family uses Sign Language daily with our twins. When I saw these adorable duckies I just had to make soap with them.  Tell your kids I Love You with these fun soaps.  Kids will want to wash up to get to the toy on top of this soap.   This glycerin soap has Strawberry Lemonade as the scent.  Give the kids the extra incentive they need to wash up.  This 3 oz soap is perfect size for little hands!!  

 Made with glycerin melt and pour soap.


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All Soaps Are Handmade!

Due to being handmade each bar is different and unique.  May look different than photo but scent and lather remain just as amazing.

Each bar of soap is approximately 6 oz.